Look at an object more carefully, with a different perspective or a different light or simply observe it.
It was my mission for a session of shots taken all in the same house, with objects that we use daily or that are present in our daily lives, which are under our eyes but which we often do not pay much attention to.
A radiator that transforms itself into a colonnade, tiles that make you think of a painting, a wall that turns into a paddy field taken from above.
The beauty of the details lies precisely in the observation from an unusual point of view, with a different light, perhaps at a close distance.
It is very easy not to pay particular attention to the objects we use daily and not to realize that some of them hide a beauty that deserves our attention for more than a few seconds.
In these shots there is all my attention to detail and my knowledge of artificial light management. I wanted to immortalize these objects from a different perspective, sometimes with a geometric matrix, to highlight their beauty.